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Virtual + Experiential Programs - Navigating the remote work setting

Remote work presents learning professionals with new challenges. Virtual + Experiential is a new way to look at virtual sessions, through team activities and tools that are platform agnostic and easy to use.

Our Philosophy

We use the philosophies of Experiential Learning to design activities, simulations and tools to create more effective learning. – INVOLVE.

Additionally, we help to build real-life contexts around the learning so that participants can create personal pathways for success to aid them in moving from learning to real change – EVOLVE.

Creating Engagement & Interaction during the learning Experience

Creating opportunities to see Application of concepts learnt in their Job Role

Helping the learner move learning to change.

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Induction Onboarding

Team Building

Employee Engagement

Our Clients

The session was beautifully facilitated by Bhaskar and Honey and the team really had a fantastic time learning, sharing and listening to each other. The feedback called out that the session was super engaging, the topic was relevant & meaningful and the way the team customized the tools and platform to facilitate this session was brilliant.

Target Organization

Thank you Bhaskar for the tools and the wonderful session. Looking forward to using these tools!” Much needed tools within and outside the team as well. Best thing about this session was "practicality"

Berkadia Organization

Our sincere thanks for the successful team building workshop conducted by you all at the orientation ceremony of the Plaksha Tech Leaders Fellowship Class of 2021. You ensured that every minute of the 2 hour workshop was engaging and exciting with a lot of fun and energy - a feat difficult to achieve in an online world! The "Great Ocean Race" also emphasised the importance of working in teams, an aspect which is an important part of the Plaksha curriculum philosophy.

Plaksha University Organization

Thank you for a very well structured and Impactful session!

Saurabh Sinha Talent Acquisition - Nestle India
Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset

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Behavioral Skills: Connecting the dots from knowledge to action – Client story

Behavioral Skills: Connecting the dots from knowledge to action – Client story

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The Human element in customer centricity

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