5 Ideas to put “TEAM” on the Agenda of your next “Team Meeting” #4 out 5 - BlueSky Learning
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5 Ideas to put “TEAM” on the Agenda of your next “Team Meeting” #4 out 5


Every team has a sub culture. It’s a function of what 80% of the team does 80% of the time with a heavy influence of what the leader does and demands of the team. This exercise is meant to get the team to express, discuss and agree on what are the good and not so good behaviours that make up the team’s culture.

·     For this exercise, you will need access to a room that has a good reasonably sized whiteboard, Post-Its in 2 colours and sketch pens. (Regular pens will also do).

·     Break the group up into smaller units of 2-3 people. The pairing can be at random or people who otherwise don’t interact much together.

·     Get the sub teams to introspect and discuss among themselves what are some of the good behaviours that the team demonstrates that helps them achieve their goals and also creates a good impression about the team among their stakeholders.

·     Once each team has a list, they filter them down to 2-3 most important ones and puts them down on Post-Its of one colour. All teams have to use the same colour for the positive behaviours.

·     The team has to repeat the process for those set of behaviours that take the team away from the end goal and not seen as desirable by the stakeholders. This is the part that will not come naturally and the leader has to exhort the team to be open and self-critical.

·     While the teams are in their huddles, the leader will create a T column on the white board with Left side representing the positives and the right side representing the negative aspects of the teams’ behaviour.

·     Once the team have their Post-Its ready, they stick them on the relevant sides of the “Passbook”.

·     The leader then takes over. He will first by bunch up similar Post-Its that are conveying the same behaviour. Then he will help articulate the common themes emerging from the Post-Its into single phrases or sentences.

·     Then the leader will collaboratively be able to arrive at what the Sub culture of the team really is and what they need to change ( from the not so good areas) to become better as a team.

·     This will greatly help the team align towards a common set of beliefs and be able to see if gauge for themselves if the behaviour they are demonstrating at any time is in line what the team has agreed to be their common culture pillars.

·     All this takes not more than 20-25 Mins. Don’t you think it’s an exercise that warrants immediate attention?

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