Bhaskar Thyagarajan - BlueSky Learning
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Bhaskar Thyagarajan

CEO & Founder BlueSky Learning P Ltd.

A great believer and the chief architect of BlueSky’s experiential solutions platform for organizations and Institutions, Bhaskar has been at the forefront of expanding people’s understanding of what constitutes experiential learning and how it can be integrated into organizational mainstream beyond just learning and development.

His vision and expertise has given rise to the many platforms that BlueSky offers today from simulation gaming to art and music based activities. Bhaskar has over 15 years and has conducted 1000+ workshops as a trainer, Speaker, program architect and gets to the core issues and innovates to provide the participants with a real and relatable experience. He also specializes in bringing perfect correlation to the participants from activities that are fun and stimulating.

Bhaskar is today a leading thinker in the space of experiential learning and its application in People Skills, Life Skills as well as OD, Employee Engagement and so on for both Corporates as well as Education Institutions.

He is constantly in touch with the realities of the organizations, which in turn enables him to provide very relevant insights into the learning process. He is also a qualified practitioner of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator – MBTI® from the Asianic Psychologists Press, Australia (APP) and has been facilitating training programs for the last 14 years. Bhaskar’s MBTI TYPE is ENFP and true to his type, uses his intuitive preference to look at generating new ways of creating lasting impacts from training programs.

His strength lies in his ability to connect with the audience from diverse backgrounds and organizations. He has worked with people across the country as well as delivered international programs in trying conditions.

Bhaskar also collaborates with specialists from various disciplines to widen the scope of experiential learning platforms in an effort to make it more engaging and meaningful to a variety of program requirements that corporate could exploit and benefit from. He is an active member of ISTD Gurgaon Chapter as well.

Bhaskar is also a qualified Cost accountant (Grad CWA) and an MBA from the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.

He is a wildlife enthusiast and an amateur bird watcher, who is struggles to find ways to enjoy the wilderness with minimal or no impact. He loves travel of all kinds and believes that it has enriched him in a way few experiences can.

A sportsman all his life, Bhaskar has represented his University in Basket ball, developed an interest in running and has been a regular runner at the Delhi half-marathon and other long distance events in and around Delhi.