With the vision of creating a society that respects the right of all people irrespective of their abilities, Muskaan is well known for its pioneering work in the field of providing vocational training and work opportunities to adults with Intellectual Disability. It has emerged as an effective rehabilitation model both nationally and internationally. Parents and professionals from national and international organizations including Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Mauritius, China, Japan and Afghanistan have visited Muskaan over past few years and appreciated its unique training & employment model for adults with ID.

A Non-Governmental organization, Muskaan supports and inform the families about the condition and raise awareness in society about the disabled, their abilities and their rights. The adult training program started in 1989 covers all the major aspects like Life skills, computer skills, physical fitness, creative self-expression etc for the holistic development of an individual empowering them for life.


It was observed that close interaction with the students at Muskaan provided an opportunity for individuals to look inwards and be in touch with a part of their empathetic (not sympathetic) and vulnerable self in a manner few other experiences did. Also, there was an element of purity in their expression. And these series of observations led to a path breaking initiative-Muskaan Social Consulting Services was established as a consulting arm of Muskaan to create people development initiatives where interactions were curated between students and corporate executives to create learning experiences around themes such as empathetic leadership, Authenticity, Active Listening, Respecting diversity and so on. It was win-win all the way, with students benefitting from interactions and integration into the outside world. MSCS donated the proceeds of the program to Muskaan the NGO and the founding members found a powerful and meaning way to give back to society as all services were pro bono.

Bhaskar Thyagarajan, a founding member of MSCS, curated these learning experiences by using the power of games as it brought together the students and executives on a common platform in a way no other platform did. BlueSky Learning supports MSCSexperiential learning events and the students with their learning journeysfor successful integration into the corporate world.

For more information, visit: is helping design the organization of the future by providing a digital coaching platform to improve the behavioural competencies of the employees. This AI powered platform help organizations and individuals with intelligent data and insights into learning achievements and barriers. Their product offers high quality curated content and robust framework available across multiple devices with possible integrations.

The coaching conversations help individuals solve real-time soft skills and behavioural problems and thus achieve their goals. This product aims to revolutionize the L&D space for organizations by personalizing the learning experience for each employee and thereby impactingtheir everyday role.

Bhaskar Thyagarajan, is a founding member and a senior advisor to the team. is also integrated as an offering in the Leadership and Jumpstart programs of BlueSky Learning.

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Founded by highly experienced and seasoned global professionals and ex CXOs, Cognitiv Enterprise is working as change catalyst, helping organisations execute their strategies and achieve defined outcomes. With wide range of services in the human talent management and enhancement, financial processes, related technology, and start-up incubation areas, Cognitiv aims to empower their clients through resource optimisation, process excellence, inventiveness and change management.

Cognitiv support organizations setup their basics, build employer brand, hire and retain talent, build/enhance or automate processes and turnaround their business by enhancing the profitability and revenue and accelerated growth. They also provide mentoring and executive coaching to the leadership teams.

Built on an embedded engagement model #infinitepossibilities, Cognitiv works on 7 strong pillars- Talent, Capability, Processing & automation, Finance & Accounting, Optimization, Leadership, Brand and Engagement.

BlueSky collaborates with Cognitivas the Experiential learning partner by integrating and curating game and simulation led programs into their behavioural learning and culture transformation initiatives.

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Started 5 years ago as One-of-a-kind CSR lifecycle management platform provider, Goodera is a global CSR and sustainability management company now. Powered by its innovative cloud, mobile, voice and big data platform, embedded with strong domain expertise, Goodera enables and empowers corporates to manage their CSR and sustainability& Employee Volunteering goals in a simple, transparent, measurable, and engaging manner.

Goodera provides corporates with automation and intelligence across monitoring and evaluation, impact measurement, grantmaking, reporting, and employee volunteering. The right combination of fair technology, people, and domain expertise is their success mantra for transforming this space not just in India but globally while creating social value for all the stakeholders.

BlueSky is a solution and execution partner for Goodera’sEmployee Volunteering programs. BlueSky’s innovative and wide ranging programs are unique in that they “bring the Volunteering activity to the workplace” thereby opening up volunteering to a large mass of employees who may not be able to provide the time to go to NGOs to provide their volunteering time. These initiatives have exponentially increased the number of volunteers as well as the total time dedicated to these initiatives, not to mention the enhanced impact on the underprivileged sections of the society.

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