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Hero Motocorp



Hero Moto Corp as a company has been consistently and consciously working on diversity and inclusion as key strategic priority for the organization apart from hard core initiative from recruitment to leadership in the organization. The 2017 @BEBOLDFORCHANGE Annual conference for women was organised for women employees from across the organization to show continued commitment to diversity and inclusion and recognizing women for their contribution to the growth at Hero-Motocorp.
As part of this initiative they wanted to use Experiential learning to bring home the point and reinforce the theme #BeBoldForChange which is also incidentally the theme by the UN. Contextualize the team with a lot of interaction and engagement within the audience so given the theme of be bold for change. BSL decided to interpret it in the following ways :




Any change cannot happen alone or in isolation and for change to happen, it has to be collaborative and inclusive and one needs to influence others around us for true change to happen.

To build on this insight we used one of our very popular games the Grand Rail road. In the game, 4 sub teams are created to represent JV partners who have together build a Railroad in 4 parts that have to eventually connect.

The activity mimics real life conversation especially for women within hero moto corp, that in order for them to achieve something they can’t do that by taking opposing positions. But, by asserting themselves and their needs while consistently seeking alignment across different sections of the organization.




When all the 220 women who represent the working women group within Hero commit to being bold and commit to change together in unison will they be able to bring about true change and influence other to respect inclusion and diversity in an organization.

To reinforce this insight we used another of our very popular exercise which is a music based event called “Rhythm and Groove” in which the entire group is broken into smaller teams and the small teams are given different musical instrument and one team is meant to bring dance steps and all them come together and recreate a popular rock song.

So, in the end each of the team does their part very well and do their part in the way they are meant to do.  Then its magical for people to watch. Even when 1-2 people are out of tune, it disrupts what the team has committed to do together. Some might have to put in more effort than the other but that is what it takes to be bold and change. And Change for better.

So, we took the theme of Hero moto corp and connected to our key activities to keep it engaging and highly impactful and ensure that the message is reflected upon and internalized by the entire team.