Critical HR Skills for People Managers

A Scenario-based learning Journey

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Why does this happen?

Leadership is all about actions. But most of the learning we do is about knowledge, and very little is about actual application.
Your managers must have gone through leadership sessions, workshops, and may have a lot of LMS content to support them too. But without action, the learning is not complete!
Leadcraft gives your young managers a safe space to learn what real-life application of people leadership looks like.
Through the story of a recently promoted manager who’s in charge of a critical function, the leaders face scenarios that they find in everyday work.

What does it cover?

Leadcraft is built around universally recognized competencies for young managers from goal setting to total rewards.

Inclusive Planning & Communication

Identifying and nurturing talent

Driving performance

Recognizing performance

Critical behaviours like diversity & inclusion, motivation and team engagement are weaved into the Storyline

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What’s in it for you and your people managers?

For You

For your Manager

Your LeadCraft Journey

Interested in adding Leadcraft to your LMS?