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#leadership #empathy

An absolute pleasure and privilege to partner Muskaan Social Consulting Services in co-creating and conducting a one of kind leadership program where participants from Organisations and the Students of Muskaan with Intellectual Disabilities work, play, interact and learn together.


Authenticity & Empathy
Vulnerability & Openness
Active listening & Focus
Valuing & leveraging diversity
Importance of creating an atmosphere free of anxiety
Giving oneself permission to get of the treadmill and take a balcony moment to reflect.
The patience, pride in what they do, acceptance of things at face value were of the things i learnt from this experience.
Personally very rewarding was also the fact that I got to work with Dr Shalini Sarin whom I have to thank for bringing me in to work with her on this project.
Nita Kapoor the powerful force behind MUSKAAN Social Consulting and the Founder of it all Mrs. Shanti Auluck and her team whom i have been in Awe of for some time now made all this Happen.
Please visit https://lnkd.in/eDtmUaG to know more about this unique organisation and a completely new approach to learning the human side of Leadership and beyond.