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Learning Bytes

Soft skill programs targeted to reach employees who need it the most.


Soft skills are becoming a critical competitive advantage in today’s dynamic and fast changing business climate and just being good at one’s job is just not good enough.

More so for the audience lower down the pyramid who are meant to demonstrate these skills on a daily basis as they interact with other departments, vendors, clients and so on.

Paradoxically, it is this audience that is underserved when it comes to soft skills as organizations are challenged by the numbers, disruption that regular training costs or the huge investments needed.

Learning Bytes is a proprietary model which allows organizations to impart soft skill training based on defined competencies or values across a large employee base who need it the most.


  • 60-90-minute, bite-sized learning capsules to build capabilities around defined behavioural competencies.
  • Based on the Experiential Learning, game-based sessions for effective & engaged learning that is practical, relatable and can be translated into action
  • Capsule designed to enable a “plug-in” to any existing training.

The Learning Bytes Advantage

1-1.5 hour short sessions

Minimal disruption to work schedules

In-office sessions

Scalable and Sustainable model

Our Methodology

Game Based Learning

Beyond Academic Knowledge

Connect Back To Work/Role

Involve Everyone

Extensive Trainer Manuals

On The Floor

Application Areas

Behavioral Skill dissemination
Induction and Onboarding
Value Workshops
Campus to corporate programs
Leadership Development initiatives

Want to do it yourself ?

We also provide ready to use Activity-led modules for People Development- LIBRARY which enable organizations to run bite sized behavioral skills programs using their in-house learning facilitators. 

Explore the catalogue of off the shelf behavioral skills modules now!