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The Human side of Customer Experience



Delighting Customers is about one going beyond the SOPs and processes of customer interaction
The managers need to be sensitized to the need to the human element that governs good customer experience.
But it can’t stop at the managers as the it’s the frontline that interacts with customers.
Unless we equip the managers to be able to have a similar conversation in an interactive manner with their teams, this aspect of customer interaction will not be effective.

THE SOLUTION – The Manager IN AND AS THE Trainer!

Given that the manager is the final contact point for the frontline, we use the team meetings at that level to create opportunities for short learning sessions, powered by the effectiveness of the game based learning methodology.
The underlying premise is that no one is as invested in building the abilities of the team as much as their line manager as it ultimately enables his KRAs.
This model we deployed showed how we took learning to the last mile without losing the effectiveness of Face to face learning interaction at minimal costs.

The behaviour pillars of HUMANIZING CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE connected to activities conducted at team meetings


One activity was planned for each month. And so these 3 games constitute the requirement for 1 qtr.
The content for these was developed in the form of a manual in digital format and shared with all the managers over their learning portal.
A window was created in a webinar format in batches to answer questions or doubts from the managers on running these activities.
Each manager is asked to click 2-3 pictures from each session and share the same with the central team to check the level and nature of deployment.
Post the success of these sessions we are in the process of developing sessions to run the whole year.