Off-the-shelf Modules & Learning Tools

Buy and integrate tools, full modules or activities to make your internal programs experiential.

This initiative is part of our mission to empower organizations make the power of experiential learning accessible to everyone in an organization.

These off-the-shelf solutions can be easily integrated into any existing learning initiatives run-by internal facilitators and people managers, in whole or in part.

Your internal programs such as Induction & onboarding, leadership & behavioural skill building, team building, employee engagement programs can now become completely active and engaging.

No need to engage external vendors, giving you huge cost savings, control and flexibility. This becomes especially relevant for the underserved audience down the org pyramid who otherwise get access only to passive online courses or purely content lead programs.

Engaging and Personalized Modules powered by Experiential Learning

Virtual & Physical activity kits and tools Modular structure - Start small and build as you go

Engaging and Personalized Modules powered by Experiential Learning

Learning Tools to move from Knowing to do

Match scale and cost of e-Learning without losing the Human touch