Making Onboarding Interactive & Engaging - BlueSky Learning
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Typical Challenges with Onboarding today

Overloading new hires with too much information in a short span of time.
Passive & Dry nature of content especially, Code of conduct, compliances, procedures etc.
Leading to disengagement and boredom both for the audience and the facilitator.
Present mode is more of information download rather that absorption and application of content.
Losing an opportunity to make a first impression with a new hire.

Our Insights

Go beyond “passive listening” mode to make people consume the content willfully
Focus on absorption & application rather than just consumption of content.
Creating a fun experience, opportunity to interact and make connections with other joinees.
Introduces games, challenges, tasks, competition to create an engaged experience and make it a talked about event.

The Game Board Experience

Using the board game format to bring in an interactive and fun filled format to the onboarding experience.
The game is designed as a race or a treasure hunt with the challenges to overcome, to move forward, built around the content that needs to be disseminated to the new Joinees.
The format of these challenges will be such that it will test the participants on observation and application of the content in interesting ways.
With competition, interaction, discovery, solving puzzles, cracking codes and so on, it will the whole onboarding experience lively and engaging.