Ready to use activity-based modules for
behavioral skill development

Our Why,

We asked ourselves the following questions:

What will one more leadership video or e-learning module teach me that I already don’t know?

And is knowing enough or does doing matter? And if so, why are all learning modules not helping the learner make that connect between knowledge and actions?

Why are leadership and behavioural skill programs not open to frontline where it is perhaps needed the most. Isn’t it better to have these learning opportunities in the formative years? How many more people could we impact if we focused on building programs and tools that could be used by leaders, educators, trainers internally instead trying to impact everyone ourselves?

Isn’t every team meeting, townhall, conference, review an opportunity to create a learning experience, as opposed to just structured learning experiences?

Why are most learning programs such that the learner is passive most of the time? Is that why people see adult learning as something they ‘have’ to undergo and something they ‘want’ to?

Something had to be done and our mission, milestones, products and services all evolved to address these questions that we were affected by. Our vision is of a world where all learning was engaging, interactive and move people towards their taking action.

And our mission is to build a repository of tools that can be accessed by those involved in the design and delivery of such learning experiences around the world.

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How do we do it?

BlueSky Learning for Organizations
Our suite of products and services power the learning initiatives at every org. BlueSky offers solutions that are designed and delivered by us or can be bought off the shelf and used by the internal trainers
BlueSky Learning for Managers and Leaders
Our tools and activities enable leaders to drive learning through every conversation, every team meeting or any call with your teams
BlueSky Learning for Trainers
Our activities, modules and tools are available off the shelf for use in your training programs. Make your programs experiential!
BlueSky Learning for Learners
Our unique tools and exercises help you move from knowing to doing!
BlueSky Learning for Learning and development businesses
Our off the shelf modules, tools and custom module development services help you design and deliver effective, experiential training programs
BlueSky Learning for Educators and Teachers
Our suite of activities and tools can add value to your classroom teaching. Learning to doing in classrooms powered by BlueSky Learning


We love to collaborate and create solutions that would help us move closer to the goal each day, every day.
  • LIBRARY is a repository of Activity-based modules that drive in-depth learning around universally recognized skills and behavioral competencies critical for success.
  • The modular design allows any learning facilitator to integrate them into any existing learning interventions or start a new one with minimal effort.
  • Each module comes with a comprehensive guide enabling the facilitator to conduct the activity and connect the activity to the learning outcome.
  • A First of its kind detailed Video tutorials to help the facilitator visualize the activity, behaviors to observe and their context to the Module.
  • International quality, easy to set up Activity Kits for a standard group of 25-40 Participants
  • Help the participants complete the learning cycle with practical, Learning to Action tools.
  • Library’s Vision is to enhance every learning conversation at organizations and institutions with the power of experiential learning.


  • Innovation Mindset
  • Collaboration
  • Communication- Beyond skills
  • Execution Excellence
  • Result Orientation
  • Trust & Respect for Diversity
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Managing to Leading Teams
  • Customer Centricity
  • Shared Ownership Accountability


  • First Time Managers – 1 Day
  • Campus To Corporate Transition – 1 Day
  • Communication- Beyond skills
  • Campus To Corporate Transition – 1/2 Day
  • Team Building 101 – 1 Day
  • Team Building 101 – 1/2 Day
  • High Performance Teams – 1/2 Day


  • Customized content development contextualized to Industry & Org.
  • Training of Internal trainers.