Our Philosophy

We are experiential learning evangelists. We strongly believe that for learning to be effective, especially in the non technical/functional areas of learning.

We need to move from content dissemination to creating avenues for personal reflection of one’s intrinsic & instinctive behaviors, understand the gap between knowing and doing and learn how to bridge the gap.

The A-B-C-D method

The ABCD method is rooted strongly in experiential learning where the use of games, activities and simulations helps identify gaps between knowledge and demonstrated ability.

Furthermore, the model ensures each participant is able to contextualize the learning to their function or job role and create a personal pathway for growth and change.

This is the BlueSky Advantage over conventional or even the one size fits all approach of El-earning

Customized design and Delivery
Off the shelf Modules
Facilitator Skill Building
Consulting & Activity Development