Fun, Interactive team challenges to engage your teams

Quick facts

✔ Multiple storylines
✔ 5-500 participants
✔ Run games yourself or we run it for you
✔ 50+ challenges, Leaderboards & more

Ask them, they have already run many sessions on Questico

How does it work?

Here's how Questico works - teams have to crack challenges to unlock treasures and access the next challenge.

The team to complete the challenges first with the maximum points win!

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Questico for learning

Questico can be used to run fun and content-led sessions for individuals or teams. Your content is converted into simple challenges. Participants complete these challenges to earn places on the leaderboard.

Here are 3 particular applications.

For Induction/Onboarding
Add a virtual game to your induction programs based on the important areas of focus.

Maybe HR policies as crossword, or a comic strip to explain your values?

These challenges can be completed in teams or as individuals

– Upto 500 players
– Many challenge options
For Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity and Inclusion is a critical area of focus. Driving awareness and helping people understand the breadth of diversity is an important aspect.

With interesting and informative challenges, Questico can be a great addition to your D&I initiative.

Scale D&I learning easily and efficiently using Questico.
For content-heavy sessions
Mandatory training sessions like Safety and POSH are almost always content heavy and involves an array of important information.

Questico can help! We convert your content into fun puzzles and challenges. Participants are prompted to look at content and apply it in the game to win!

Content heavy training sessions can be interactive too!

Challenge examples

Questico sessions start at INR 250/- per Participant.
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