Virtual + Experiential

An Impactful combination of Virtual Instructor led programs, powered by experiential learning to make sessions impactful and fun!

What’s virtual + Experiential?

With remote work being the new normal, we see virtual instructor led programs taking the space of classroom programs. One key issue is the lack of engagement in these programs too.

No matter how many polls or quizzes you include in these, this would still remain largely a one-way communication and would fail to create true involved learning. That’s where virtual + Experiential programs come into play.

Staying true to our believe in experiential learning, Activities and simulations continue to be a centerpiece of our virtual programs too, bringing in an element of reflection amongst the participants.

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The ABCD of Virtual + Experiential Learning

A non-judgemental, fun space where the success or failure depends on demonstrating behaviors associated with any competency.
The cause and effect of each instinctive and emotion driven action is discussed in detail and the participants are nudged to reflect on the gap between knowledge and demonstrated ability.
Move from generalized outcome to how it reflects in their specific roles and functions. Tools will help participants articulate the actions corresponding to each behavior
Moving from learning to demonstrated action and habits through tools that will distill concrete actions for everyone.

The virtual + Experiential Advantage

Fun and engaged learning

Competitive activities and games

Virtual learning without losing the human touch

Platform agnostic and no sign-ins needed

From Learning to action through tools

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Behavioral Skills

Disseminate key behavioral skills among your employees contextualized to their job roles and what It means for them. Experiential activity led sessions.


Key leadership conversations in an exciting experiential format. First time managers programs to senior management programs

Induction Onboarding

From giving your campus hires a jumpstart in transitioning to a corporate environment to value & Culture immersions for fresh and lateral hires or designing customized board games to make your induction come alive - we’ve got you covered on all fronts.

Team Building

Encompassing all the secret and the not so secret ingredients for high performance teams. Be it pure engagement or helping teams articulate their Vision & charter.

Employee Engagement

From helping employees connect with your vision, values & culture opportunities to giving back to the community. Our array of engagement initiatives on offer will help deliver on your key priorities.