Virtual Team Building

Most surveys indicate that lack of engagement is the missing piece in the remote work environment we find ourselves in.


The Virtual + Experiential programs are designed to answer this question of engagement.


We believe that remote shouldn't mean distant. Be it short 30 minute activities or a full fledged 3 hour team building session - We've got you covered.


Anchored by fun activities and experiences, delivered virtually by seasoned trainers, our programs combine the 17 years of experience in helping organizations build high performance teams with the realities of the day.


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Virtual Sessions Delivered to:

20 Minutes - 3 Hours

From 10 - 500 Participants

Compatible with all video conferencing platforms

Ideal as standalone team building events or as plug-in to existing virtual meetings and conferences.

0+ Hours

of sessions conducted

0+ Participants


0+ Games

Activities and Simulations

Range of Activities

Dream Team - The Jigsaw challenge
A team activity where teams race to crack puzzles and finish a jigsaw puzzle.
The Great Race
A race across the world where teams have to crack challenges to advance to the next location. First to finish wins!
The Team Jeopardy
Inspired by the famous game show, teams compete to score maximum money by choosing genres and level of difficulty of questions from a board.
Essential Team Skills
A whole array of virtual team building games which are each designed to create learning conversations around specific skills required to be a great team player.



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