Building the Culture of Collaboration through the Chip Challenge - BlueSky Learning
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Building the Culture of Collaboration through the Chip Challenge

Collaboration is such an easily understood word that it is often misunderstood. Collaboration is almost always a challenge ‘because’ there is a misalignment of priorities between 2 people/function. And when each one holds on to their position they don’t realize how in the process the end goal suffers sub-optimal results or time delays, cost overruns etc. not to mention the cost if creating dysfunctional work culture.

 In the game of the Chip Challenge teams are given chips of different denominations and are asked to submit to the “House” a certain value for which they will need to buy/swap chips with each other. It’s a game that beautifully brings out these dysfunctional behaviours by creating an environment where the temptation to focus on one’s own priority can potentially overpower the need to stay aligned to a common purpose. The game let the team overcome these temptations to enable and support each other for shared and Win-Win results.

 Do the teams see each other as competitors or as collaborators? 

Does the team move from transactional and tactical interactions to goal driven behaviour? Do teams take willful actions to align their seemingly divergent priorities? 

The facilitated session post activity gets the team to explore these questions and create a charter of behaviours that will create a culture of collaboration. At our recent programs conducted for the Schneider Electric Supply Chain team, Nestle Communications team, The Oberoi Group, the RBS tech academy team, we saw varied behaviors around Collaboration demonstrated during ‘The Chip Challenge’ activity.